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Adult Orthodontics Virginia Beach

Now more than ever adults are seeking orthodontics. You may just want a better smile but misaligned crooked teeth can create problems like gum disease and tooth decay.  Adult orthodontics addresses these problems and more. Dr. Roy’s first concern is your oral health and he knows that the best outcomes for straightening the teeth with braces has to include addressing any oral health issues.

adult orthodontics virginia beach
When most adults think about braces it brings an image of a teenager with metal braces to mind. But at Roy Orthodontics you have options like ceramic braces and in some cases Invisalign. Today’s braces are made to be less noticeable. If aesthetics are a concern one option can be ceramic braces that can match tooth enamel or be clear colored.  Ask Dr. Roy what are the best options for your orthodontic treatment.

Good oral health is something to smile about

You’ve probably had untreated orthodontic issues since you were a child and may be experiencing jaw pain, head aches and even earaches. If your bite is misaligned you may even bite the inside of your mouth frequently while eating. Some orthodontic treatment plans includes surgery to correct the jaw that is at the root cause of many of these problems. These problems are easily corrected with orthodontics and your beautiful new smile is just a bonus.

 Roy Orthodontics

When you search for adult orthodontics Virginia Beach you’ll find us at the top because Dr. Roy has been be in practice since 1990. Dr. Roy believes that orthodontics is about more than just straightening teeth. To achieve and maintain long-lasting oral health, one must align the teeth, position the jaw joints, and open the airway. Therefore, our approach to orthodontics involves addressing health and function in addition to aesthetics. By investing in your smile now, you can enjoy a lifetime of benefits.

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