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About Board Certification

Choosing an orthodontist – or any dental professional – can be an overwhelming task. After all, there are multiple options to choose from. How do you know you are selecting a doctor who provides the highest level of care? A board-certified orthodontist has exhibited extensive knowledge and skill beyond his or her advanced education requirements. Dr. Carl Roy has obtained his board certification through the American Board of Orthodontists (ABO). This achievement signifies his absolute dedication to patient care. In the United States, only one-third of orthodontists have gone on to complete board certification. When you choose Roy Orthodontics, rest assured you will be receiving the highest level of expertise possible.

ABO Board Certification is Fully Recognized by the American Dental Association

When it comes to worldwide professional dental organizations, the American Dental Association (ADA) is one of the most renowned. There is only one orthodontic certifying board that is recognized by the ADA, and that is the American Board of Orthodontics. Therefore, if you see that your doctor has been certified through the ABO, you know that he or she has achieved the highest level of achievement in the field.

Voluntary Certification Reflects Unparalleled Commitment

Many people wonder why a dental specialist who has already completed 10 or 11 years of higher education would choose to pursue orthodontic board certification. Those who seek this high achievement simply wish to demonstrate their commitment to their colleagues and their community. It is a representation of their pledge and obligation to provide the highest level of orthodontic care.

Requirements for Board Certification

Those who pursue board certification through the ABO must undergo a rigorous process. Currently, the procedure involves a written examination which covers a comprehensive understanding of orthodontics. Once this is successfully completed, the orthodontist must present actual patient case reports, which demonstrate excellence in care and methodology. These cases are then evaluated by a panel of experts, and discussed during an oral examination. This oral examination is the final phase of board-certification. If the applicant successfully passes these stages, he or she is then officially board-certified for a limited time period. Every 10 years, the orthodontist must maintain their certification through continued testing.

Learn More about Board Certification

Dr. Roy is proud to be board-certified. Staying up to date on the latest techniques, technologies, and practices, he is well-equipped to handle a wide variety of orthodontic cases. If you would like to learn more about board certification, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact our offices serving Virginia Beach and Chesapeake today.

Dr. Carl Roy
My sincere thanks to Dr. Roy and his team for showing me the way! My baby teeth had to be crowned for years since 2 of my adult teeth never came in. This was just one piece of the puzzle that needed figuring out. I’m proud of my smile and it shows every time I meet someone!- Liz

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