Adult Orthodontics & Trends to Watch for in 2016

Adult Orthodontics Treatments Surge!

Orthodontics is important for everyone, not only for children. It was only in the last two years that the field of orthodontics experienced a major milestone in having over 25% of procedures performed in the realm of adult orthodontics. The prevailing trend in the modern era of orthodontics has been to minimize the aesthetic effects of treatment, with companies like Invisalign® and recent entrant ClearCorrect vying for positions in the highly lucrative market of non-intrusive dental correction. At Roy Orthodontics we have always taken pride in moving with the trends, we’ve been offering Invisalign® as a treatment option for years, so we wanted to take a moment to highlight some trends that you should be aware of in 2016.

Orthodontic Implants

The concept of dental and orthodontic implants isn’t exactly a new one, denture implants have existed for a long while now, but some of the recent uses in orthodontics have been exciting. Watch the video above to see how an orthodontic mini-implant works. It can act as a viable treatment option to properly align spacing when one has a gap in one’s teeth.

Patient-Centered Focus


The policy at Roy Orthodontics has long been to place priority on the customer’s needs above all. That being said, there has been a strong focus on a patient-centric care, so if your current provider is not focusing on this aspect of orthodontics, then you should consider searching for a replacement!

3D Printing

3D printing has been around in a limited form since the 1980’s but is only now coming into vogue as a viable option for solving all sorts of problems, in all sorts of industries. Late last year, researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands developed a process of #d printing wherein they were able to print a set of teeth that killed bacteria entering the mouth. Though the mouth requires some bacteria to function properly, we at Roy Orthodontics are excited about the implications as this exciting field develops!

That’s it for our first blog post of the New Year! We hope you enjoy this brief look at trends in the orthodontic industry, and that you share our excitement about these trends in the year to come. As always, if you or anyone you know is seeking orthodontic treatment or has any questions regarding orthodontic treatment, then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (757) 471-2900. Happy New Year, and Happy New Smiles, because as we say at Roy Orthodontics, “let the first thing they see be your beautiful smile!”


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