Change And Me

Seed To Flower To Tree

We all want to change something about ourselves — jobs, weight, home… It’s human nature to want to be better than you were, to want to grow. Nearly all worthwhile changes are far easier said than done, however. Putting on a new tie won’t get you a promotion. One run on the treadmill and a salad for lunch won’t drop 2 inches from your waistline. An hour on Zillow won’t make that dream house any more affordable. Change is hard, but if you follow through on your goals and achieve change, not only will your confidence increase but you’ll have grown into a better, more experienced person.




the act or instance of making or becoming different.


Why Should I Change?

Even though we all want to change something, it can be hard to admit to ourselves that we need change to change it; harder still [...] Read More

Brace Yourself

For all that 80s movies and Saturday morning cartoons like to make fun of ‘brace faces’, they are quite common among Americans. Over 4 million Americans have braces, 75% of whom are children or adolescents. As orthodontic care has become more available and more affordable, Americans have become proactive, seeking corrective dental work to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Why get braces?

There are plenty of reasons to get braces, benefits ranging from improved oral hygiene to reduced self-consciousness. The consequences of not getting braces early may be as minor as a few crooked teeth or as severe as permanent damage to jaw joints and teeth. The sooner treatment, the more varied the treatment options and the easier the treatment itself.

What are the signs that braces are necessary?

The most obvious sign that braces are necessary are crooked or crowded teeth. There are other, more [...] Read More

Remembering Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day?

It is often confused with Veterans Day. It is even sometimes confused with Labor Day because one falls at the beginning of the summer and one at the end. It is thought of as the day for remembering those who’ve served their country, who are still serving their country, died in battle or having served in specific wars such as World Wars I and II. So which is it?

The first official Memorial Day was celebrated on May 28, 1868. It’s popularly known as the day when flowers were placed on Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. It was originally declared Decoration Day; established on May 5, 1868, by The Grand Army of the Republic.  Maj. Gen. John A. Logan declared that it be observed on May 30, and today Memorial day is celebrated annually on the last Monday of May. It is the [...] Read More

Dental Care Travel Tips

Eating healthy while you travel is just as important for your teeth as it is for your waistline! You and your smile require a smart balance of foods and practices to stay healthy. This basic guide below can help keep your smile bright when traveling!

1. Pack a dental kit. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss should always be in your luggage when taking any trip. Make sure your carrying case for your dental kit is clean and free of contaminants, along with packing your brush only when it’s dry.

2. Consider mealtime cleaning. Our general dentist in Torrance recommends brushing your teeth an hour after meals, which can be hard to do for midday meals. While you may not want to carry around a toothbrush, you can fit convenient pocket-sized disposable dental cleaning products. Most drugstores carry these supplies.

3. Stay hydrated. Whether you’re flying or taking a long drive, [...] Read More