Change And Me

Seed To Flower To Tree

Change-is-good-for-happiness-and-quality-of-life-1We all want to change something about ourselves — jobs, weight, home… It’s human nature to want to be better than you were, to want to grow. Nearly all worthwhile changes are far easier said than done, however. Putting on a new tie won’t get you a promotion. One run on the treadmill and a salad for lunch won’t drop 2 inches from your waistline. An hour on Zillow won’t make that dream house any more affordable. Change is hard, but if you follow through on your goals and achieve change, not only will your confidence increase but you’ll have grown into a better, more experienced person.




  1. the act or instance of making or becoming different.


Why Should I Change?

Even though we all want to change something, it can be hard to admit to ourselves that we need change to change it; harder still to admit it to other people. When we stay the same, we stay comfortable. To change is to risk failure and the loss of comfort. Fear of failure is universal, and it’s one of the hardest personal challenges to overcome when you’re trying to change yourself.

Once you overcome that fear, however, you allow yourself room to grow. When we let the fear of failing hold us back, we stagnate. Comfortable though it may be, this stagnation leads to lower self-confidence, lack of motivation, and general feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.


How Do I Change?

Even if you know you need to change and have readily admitted it, it’s still harder said than done. Self-motivation can be difficult at the best of times, but changing ourselves requires an extra level of commitment. The only way to achieve the goals you set out for yourself without getting overwhelmed is to remember that change is a process, not a flip-switch.

The first step to any meaningful personal change is to accept responsibility, for who you are and for who you will be. Only after you accept responsibility can you also accept that you can change your situation only by working on yourself and learning. Once you’ve accepted all these things, set and define your personal goals. Break them into tiny, manageable steps and every day to bring those goals into reality.


Change, Change, Change Again

You never, ever stop changing and growing as a person. You can always be better than you were — kinder, smarter, healthier. Embrace the changes in your life, get excited to grow. Your life is your own reward, and it’s time to seize it.


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