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Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly with Invisalign®

InvisalignDo you want a straighter smile? Have you been putting off treatment because you don’t want to wear traditional braces? Invisalign could be an excellent option for you. This revolutionary system straightens your teeth without metal bands, brackets, or wires. In fact, Invisalign is virtually unnoticeable. Dr. Carl Roy is a certified Invisalign treatment provider. At our practice, we have seen incredible results using this clear alternative to braces.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses a series of clear, custom-made, removable, BPA-free plastic trays to gently straighten your teeth. In order to fabricate these trays, Dr. Roy will take impressions of your mouth. These will be sent to an Invisalign lab, where a skilled technician will craft your custom aligners. Every two weeks, you will change your current trays out for the next two in the series. The subtle differences in the trays will gradually move your teeth into their desired positions. Your unique treatment plan will be strategically mapped out by Dr. Roy for an outstanding result.

Benefits of Invisalign

Thousands of patients have enjoyed the advantages of Invisalign. This treatment is:

  • Discreet: Because Invisalign does not use metal components to straighten your teeth, most people will not even realize you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Comfortable: Your custom trays will be smooth and sleek. With no metal to irritate your lips or cheeks, treatment will be comfortable for you.
  • Customized: Roy uses innovative 3-D computer imaging to take an impression of your mouth. Therefore, your aligner trays will fit perfectly, providing you with unparalleled comfort and accurate treatment.
  • Removable: Invisalign trays are removable for easy maintenance, allowing you to brush and floss with ease. You can also remove them for special events and photo ops, such as parties, weddings, and more. (Just remember not to make this a habit, as the trays must be worn at least 22 hours every day for proper results.) Because you will not require metal components, you will not have any food restrictions. You can still eat all the foods you love while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Effective: When your trays are worn as directed, you will begin to notice that your teeth are straighter, even before your treatment is complete. Treatment time is comparable to that of traditional braces, and typically takes between 18-24 months. However, your treatment may be shorter or longer, depending on your individual needs.

Who is a Candidate?

Almost anyone who is interested in straightening their teeth can qualify for Invisalign treatment. However, you must be completely free from tooth decay and gum disease before beginning orthodontics, as these conditions can hinder your results. If Dr. Roy determines there are more serious concerns present, he will help you address them first.

Patients who qualify for Invisalign treatment enjoy impressive results. It should be noted, however, that this treatment is not intended for everyone. Invisalign is an excellent choice for correcting mild to moderate malocclusion. This treatment primarily addresses the aesthetics of your smile, and is not always the best option for improving function. Therefore, more severe cases may require traditional orthodontics. During your initial consultation, Dr. Roy can help you determine which type of treatment will most effectively meet your needs.

Learn More about Invisalign

Are you looking for a discreet teeth-straightening option? Invisalign could be the solution for you. To find out if you qualify for treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Roy.  For Invisalign Va Beach & Chesapeake Contact our Virginia Beach or Chesapeake office today.

Dr. Carl Roy
My sincere thanks to Dr. Roy and his team for showing me the way! My baby teeth had to be crowned for years since 2 of my adult teeth never came in. This was just one piece of the puzzle that needed figuring out. I’m proud of my smile and it shows every time I meet someone!- Liz

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