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FACE stands for Functional And Cosmetic Excellence

FACE is both a philosophy of care and the way to use orthodontics to do far more than just improve the smile with straight teeth.

FACE is about:

  • Straight teeth and a pretty smile.
  • Treating the whole of the chewing mechanism so the bite is right. When bites are right, you chew better, more efficiently and protect the teeth from excessive wear.
  • Creating balanced, symmetrical faces because in every culture, race or ethnicity, balanced, symmetrical faces are considered the most attractive.  And who doesn’t want to look their best?
  • Ensuring your airway is large enough to breath well and get the sleep that rejuvenates you.

FACE is All About Goal Oriented Treatment

Functional & Cosmetic Excellence (FACE)

If you can’t have enough oxygen in, the body simply doesn’t function as well and you can have chronic breakdown and disease.

Comfortable jaw joints that function well so you can chew with comfort and avoid breakdown caused by clenching and grinding.

Other conditions show themselves when the bite and joints are out of alignment – accelerated tooth wear, teeth that break, worsened gum disease, headaches, neck aches, sleep disturbances and more. It is ugly when the face, jaw joints and teeth are not aligned and supporting each other.

Giving you a balanced smile that shows the proper amount of gum when smiling. Showing too much gives an unattractive, gummy smile. Showing too little and you can’t see the teeth. Yes, there is a “just right amount” that has the gums showing some. Ask us about it.

Better retention of the teeth after orthodontics because of the proper alignment of the teeth that helps to retain them where they belong. This helps give better, life-long results.

FACE Principles

Functional & Cosmetic Excellence (FACE)

A complete diagnosis that takes into account all existing and potential factors into consideration when planning care.  This takes up more time and more effort upfront for us, but we do it this way because of the value for you. The result: predictable, faster treatment done more efficiently with fewer visits for you.

Our training and experience as both a practicing orthodontist and a teacher of orthodontics all over the world, has taught us the deep and abiding value of care at this level.

Orthodontics done well is so much more than just straight teeth.

Join us – because doing it right the first time, just makes sense.

Dr. Carl Roy
My sincere thanks to Dr. Roy and his team for showing me the way! My baby teeth had to be crowned for years since 2 of my adult teeth never came in. This was just one piece of the puzzle that needed figuring out. I’m proud of my smile and it shows every time I meet someone!- Liz

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